After two weeks of fearing loss of my hearing. I got good news today. All is fine and even better than good.
Celebration consists of new piano sounds, hair colour update and peace of mind. Life is smiling for the moment.
Oh and I am surrounded by fireflies.


This has been the view from my window for many nights during the past months. And ode to a beautiful cycle that never ceases to amaze me. Featuring a special appearance by Mars. No effects used in this.

Music: Greetings From Tuskan - Unstoppable (Johnny Ripper remix)


I wish to share with you an amazing remix by Johnny Ripper . I am so amazed and honoured by this re-imagining of something that’s very close to me. A very strong connection just happened here. All Love.


I am glad to announce that the new Buck 65 album named “Neverlove’” will finally see the light of day on September 30th, 2014. I was asked to make the artwork of the record and I am very excited to share this with you. 

Have a look over here. It was incredibly rewarding to work on this and I’m very happy with how it all unfolded.
More soon.

Loving the new Open Mike Eagle album “Dark Comedy”.

Tonight. From my window.
#strawberrymoon #fullmoon